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Make sure to follow the bouncing dragonball!

This is an older episode of AMR I did over a year ago. The only thing I’m going to mention about this one long before I learned about “title safe” which is why the lyrics are squished towards the bottom. And yes, someone has told me about the error in the Yu Yu Hakusho one.

This was actually a huge project that took over 30 plus hours worth of work, and at one point I recorded what I was doing to explain why this episode was taking so long. So I’m putting it up here too.

5 Responses to “AMR Classic – TOP TEN: Sing-Alongs”

  • eli_el says:

    What! No Samurai Pizza cats? I feel cheated. JK. Loved this. Kinda funny but you had the opening to Yu Yu Hakusho and closing to Ruroni Kenshin and I was expecting the closing to Yu Yu and opening to Ruroni.

  • lankygeeza says:

    i absolulty love this and although i must be abit younger then you coz some of the intros are befor my time the ones i knew i sung along too and loved thankyou for posting this.

  • Keywora says:

    I understand why you chose Digimon’s season 4 opening over the original since there are only like 5 words in the original opening, but still it would have been fun to see on the list. Especially since it’s competing with Pokemon here.

  • Red-Rabbit says:

    How can you not love the Digimon season 4 (Fronteir I think?)?
    I loved this. It was cute and creative. Thanks for doing this Hitch. ^-^

  • OtakuGamer says:

    10: I’ll admit that I watched some Cardcapotrs when I was a kid, for the sake that it was just on. I hardly remember any of it because it was a “girl show”, but I do remember the theme song. Great nostalgia :)
    9: NO SHAME WITH TAMERS! When JO eventually does her review of this, I suppose that I will finally see what was so “bad” about it (haven’t seen it for YEARS), but I still do love the theme and the whole “you become a digimon” thing was pretty sweet to me when I was a kid. Props to you, Hitch.
    8: What is this I don’t even…
    7: Debatably one of my favorite openings ever.
    6: I have only seen a handful of One Piece episodes in my life (all of which were the bastardization 4kids dub) but even I have to admit I love this song. The fact that Vic sings it makes it even more epic. Nice choice.
    5: Children of the 90s, UNITE!!
    4: It’s so weird, I watched Dragonball but I cannot actually remember watching this opening. How strange.
    3: Never watched this, sorry since I know you’re a fan XD
    2: I can’t believe you didn’t do the opening “Sugar Cube”…haha jk
    1: Oh Sailor Moon, that dark corner of each 90s boy’s past that no one is willing to admit. How your theme song will ever be stuck in our head.

    Nice list, Hitch. It’s clear you worked SUPER hard on this. Really enjoyable and two thumbs up.

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