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It’s time for a little revenge! Censored but NSFW!

Support BOTH reviewers by watching this hilarious review a second time for Vixen’s blip account!

Please note that we’re aware the subtitles are still on the screen! Hitch was trying to crop them out but it gave his software trouble, so they had to stay. Also we pronounced Miko ‘Miho’ because the dub cast kept switching between it and we just picked one version to say. And we know that in the Japanese version, Miko is a high school student and in the dub they say college. It doesn’t matter, enjoy the review!

Special thanks to Kay for the AMAZING title card, and again, thank you Hitch for editing the review while I’ve been busy with school and moving and thank you to Rabbit for helping me throughout my busy sumer term!

Next  on Kit-Suki after my 3-weeks of summer break: Maid-Sama, Junjou Romantica, and Panty x Stocking!

And here’s a tiny update from Vix and Rabbit on staying in a strange hotel the next few days!

23 Responses to “Kit-Suki and AMR: La Blue Girl”

  • Dominique says:

    OMG hitch’s face was hilarious

  • TractionEra says:

    Poor Rabbit and Vix. I’ve stayed in nicer motels than that.

  • Sabersonic says:

    There’s something about this video I gotta comment on. Something that actually made me register to this website just so that I can just speak my mind about it. Granted, there are a few things I can say about the review itself, but the greatest thing I have to state is how incredibly fascist most of the reviewers are when it comes to how their more liked anime series are viewed by others who don’t view it in the same light. I know it’s for comedy sake but I still can’t agree with the whole concept of condeming someone simply because they don’t give a favorable view on an anime like Princess Tutu.

    They may say that only real men watch Princess Tutu, well after this video I can say only real fascists watch and like Pirncess Tutu.

    • Vixen says:

      Sabersonic, hon, it was a JOKE. None of the Brigade actually cares that Hitch didn’t LOVE Princess Tutu. We didn’t even argue against his points. We lol’d and said, “Oh, why not? Oh? Kay, fair enough, opinion is opinion and you brought up good points.”

      It’s exaggerated for comedy. ALL of our crazy antics are exaggerated for comedy. If we were really that facist as you say, would we be able to stand each other on a daily basis enough to run this site? We’re reviewers, we’re critics, we don’t expect everyone to have the same opinion. As if I’d really go through all the trouble of creating a review for the sole purpose of humiliating Hitch! We planned to co-review La Blue Girl ages ago and HITCH was the one who wrote that ending of his Tutu review where everyone was “mad” at him for his opinion. I suggested this bit for La Blue just to give it continuity.

      Please think about what you’re accusing us of before you comment. We’re silly people, we use comedy to entertain our viewers, just relax.

      • Sabersonic says:

        Like I said in my previous comment, I understand its for comedy sake. However the concept behind the jokes, even if it was acting or just a joke, just didn’t really sit well with me. It just urked me to such a degree that it triggered my flight or fight responce for some odd reason, if my noticably higher heart rate echoing in my ears is any indication, and reduces the amount of sanity that drives my thoughts and logic to leave such a response. There were parts of the video that I enjoyed, and I don’t mean the censored or inuendo parts, but it wasn’t really enough to mellow out my initial reaction.

        And I’ll admit, the fascist accusation was rather strong but that was my natural response to the concept the whole video revolved around when I first saw it, even if it was due to the lack of rational sanity as explained above. My mind is, unfortunately, wired like that. I could potentially blame the genetics that I inherited from my parents, but I’m rarely that lucky.

    • oogeej says:

      ‘Fascist’ seems a bit too far…but then again, so is frying someone’s ‘Johnny’ just because they were lukewarm towards a beloved series. The point was to push him, in real life especially, out of his comfort zone.

      Vixen, the character, comes across to me as repulsed at the misogyny that she so often sees in a medium she otherwise loves so much, and has gotten unhinged and frayed at that, basically she’s starting to enter some dark terriory and I’m afraid she’s taking Rabbit along with her.

      Also Sabersonic, it’s not ONLY ‘fascists’ that like and watch Princess Tutu. I, for one, appreciated the encouragement and the show itself, so please don’t let Vix’s… overreaction to Hitch’s views taint your thoughts on Princess Tutu itself, Vixen has never been the sanest Brigadeer, and I fear she may be becoming least sympathetic (even less than Tsubake!).

  • wdbisl says:

    I feel so bad for you staying in such a bad motel. I’m surprised you didn’t call up and raise hell to them for not cleaning the room. Also what did rabbit scream at in the dresser?

  • notrogersmith says:

    One thing about keeping the subtitles on is that you can see where the dubbers got, ahem, creative. At 7:00, when the old ladies are talking on the bus, the subtitles have them talking about how the rapist has been targeting young girls, who can’t remember anything about who attacked them. The dub has these same old ladies talking about how the rapist is “good” and that they wish someone would do something like that to them. Yay, misogyny! :-[

    BTW, Vix, your hotel kind of reminded me of the Happiness Hotel from _The Great Muppet Caper_ , but I think your hotel is squickier, though. Also, are you sure the hairs in the sink aren’t just from normal shaving (e.g., of one’s face)? I have a waterproof electric razor, and if I rinse it out under the faucet, I’ll leave a layer of little leftover hairs at the bottom of the sink if I’m not careful.

  • SkeithoftheQwand says:

    Karma is a bitch aint it? :D

  • Okami says:

    This is what happens Hitch! This is what happens when you don’t conform to the Tutu!!

  • Red-Rabbit says:

    As to your current living situation, I’d invest in a can of raid…and Mace (they come in pink :D).
    As to the video, what you put yourselves through…just wow. ._. On another note, I liked the crossover with Hitch, and Rabbit’s appearance -which makes me like her even more XD. And, Vixen? Loved your shirt. =3

  • CoreDumpError says:

    As hilariously soul-crushing as Hitch’s facial expression was at the start of the review, I stopped watching at little less than half way through. It wasn’t just that Hitch was being unfairly shocked for a natural male reaction, it was that the shocking *ruined the entertainment value* of the review.

    I was honestly surprised to hear Hitch saying that the series apparently has a plot, considering what little I’ve heard about this infamous hentai. So, I was very interested to hear more…. but the constant shocking prevented him from expressing his honest opinion, thus ruining the point he was trying to get across.

    Maybe girls would like this more because of the “feminine justice” or whatever the hell prompted Hitch’s virtual mutilation, but I just found it stupid.

    • Vixen says:

      Unfortunately by not finishing the review, you missed a lot of Hitch’s discussion near the end about how he feels the show promotes love and passionate relationships, which I thought was very interesting and that he had very good points. I’d never suppress his opinion for sake of comedy! I suggest you finish the review regardless. Also, he put a link there at the bottom in a reply to his further thoughts and comments via his blog, that can probably give you more information as well.

  • Otato says:

    So let’s get this straight…

    Hitch disliked Princess Tutu -in spite of- it’s plot and strong deconstruction elements… but liked LA Blue Girl for being a -plot driven- Hentai?

    Basically he disliked the intentionally well created show because it was -supposed- to be well made but had flaws to nit-pick, and liked the terribly made show because it did badly at what it wasn’t really meant to be doing in the first place? Just because other hentai don’t even try to do so -for obvious reasons-?

    I remain very confused by his methods of crittique either way. =w=;

    Solid review overall, though I think I am in the boat of a few others in the comments who felt the electrocution bits weren’t funny/varied enough to hold up for the whole review. Loved the ninja star rabbit bit though. >w<

  • droppingpenny says:

    I love it, how Vixen complains that this Hentai is about Sex… Does she also go around and complains about Porn being solely about Sex ? I just don’t get the logic behind reviewing Hentai and judging it by it’s story, especially when we all know that nobody watches these kind of Series for story or characters. In that regard wouldn’t it make more sense if they are judged by what they are made for in the first place: the sex scenes?

  • OtakuGamer says:

    Hilarious review guys (never gonna watch it) and sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation, Vix. Good luck with the following weeks :)

  • Walter White says:

    I have to add: Hitch, for being tasered (multiple times) as well as getting a shrunken (in the face) you have my eternal sympathy.

    Also, I did like adding Hitch in because when Vix reviews hentai, it tends to be less of a review, and more of a rant that absolutely devastates the hentai series. Not that there isn’t ALOT of bad things to say, but it is nice to hear an opposing opinion…..even if that opinion will met with dire consequences.

  • Meshi says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Vix, I don’t know what that outfit is for or what it’s supposed to pay homage to, but I love it. :)

  • venka21 says:

    Actually Hitch was right about there being “Futa” action in that anime, one of the minor villains that Miko faces is actually a hermaphrodite.

  • TreasonWall says:

    What exaclty is supposed to be hot about rape in the first place… ?

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