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Beloved Bukkiteers, it’s time to say goodbye.

After a meeting amongst the Desudes Brigade, your favorite foursome has come to the conclusion that this website is currently too much for us to maintain. With heavy hearts, we agreed that it is time to go our separate ways. Below are videos from your beloved Brigaders with their respective farewells, as well as links to where you can find them.

The website itself will remain online, however It will no longer be updated. Ads, the donation bukkit, and fan blogs will be disabled. Fan Blogs will be disabled and taken down on Monday, April 22nd 2012. The fate of the forums rests in your hands — please vote on what to do here.

It’s been a wonderful, strange, and fantastic three years. Thank you again for your support and encouragement, and we hope you all continue to follow us on our solo projects.

Sincerely, The Desudes Brigade

Professor Otaku

Prof’s Twitter & Prof’s Tumblr


Arkada’s Twitter, Facebook, and Glass


You can continue to follow JesuOtaku on Twitter and That Guy With The Glasses.


Vixen apologizes for having to remove her video and all her reviews. She has done so as not to risk her future employment by those who would not value her previous projects.

46 Responses to “The Desudes Brigade Disbands”

  • TheBrokenMask says:

    I hope it’s not in bad taste for me to post a comment here. Of course I won’t be saying anything rude, or unnecessary, but still, there’s this inkling that this “silence” should be preserved.

    Nevertheless, I want to say thank you to you all. I haven’t been watching the shows here that long; maybe for a year, or so, but nevertheless your updates were always worth seeing. I liked the difference of opinion, the multitude of personalities. In all honesty I had only started coming to watch the old videos of one of you, but in the end, I looked forward to watching everything you all had. I wish I had more presence so that this wasn’t just the ramblings of one anonymous fan, but I’m definitely going to miss everything. I’ll still follow you all, of course, but the d2brigade as a whole, will always be something I cherish.

  • Darthbobcat says:

    Well, I’m gonna miss this site. I’m rather surprised, after you were taking auditions a few months back. I’ll keep following who I was following anyway, and it’ll be interesting to see what you all come up with.

  • Mort says:

    I can’t say this is a surprise. Honestly, I had a feeling this was going to happen when JO completely stopped bringing her reviews over to this site. The slow updates post hacking only confirmed it.

    Still, it was surprising to see this update. Every single one of these videos is a tear jerker. It was fun while it lasted.

  • GameChiken says:

    well… shit. I mean if you guys dont want to do this you’re under no obligation to keep up the site ,but, damn. This really sucks ,but as ling as you will keep up with anime and stuff i will be content. I was in denial that the site was closing because i clicked in my browser and fired up the site and saw the entry ,and im like “did i click on the old,hacked site” and then came here and just sat there with my mouth agape. So I guess all i can say is keep on rolling.

  • Pseudo-Otaku says:

    R.I.P. D2 Brigade
    The Desudes Brigade has been my primary source for anime reviews and it’s really hard for me to say goodbye. As some of you know I had been posting my written reviews there since late last year and I even had an interview with Prof and Vixen once. I guess I felt that I was part of a community. It really is hard to see you all go. I don’t know if Prof, Ark, JO, Vix or even anyone who visited the site will read this but I think I can speak for all of us that we’ll miss you guys. Thanks for all the good times.

  • Aneras713 says:

    I suppose it’s sort of fitting that I find out about the brigade disbanding the same way I found out about the site in the first place, at my uncle’s beach house over spring break. I remember it was around the time Prof had posted his review of Moon Phase. I found out about it through JO’s Top Dubbed Anime Songs video on TGWTG and I watched every video on the site in two days. I’ll miss the brigade. they inspired me to make my own reviews. I’ll continue to watch the reviews they make and I’ll miss Vixen (Dang it! Why did you have to put in sad music that makes me cry!? T.T), but I won’t forget any of you. Thank you. :’)

  • MeggieMay says:

    Well, I can’t say I was totally surprised by this turn of events but it’s a sad day all the same. I’m going to address each of the videos/members separately here and then give a final thought.

    Prof: I always liked your “crappy” line drawing and thought it was a great hook for your reviews. Keep your twitter followers updated because I’d like to keep following your reviews. BTW, what is Tumbler exactly? Is it just another blog place? I’m bookmarking your link, even if I’m not totally sure what Tumbler is :-}

    Arkada: I’m going to be following you on as well. You lucky in that you have a established personal site that I’ve been keeping track of as well and I think this change won’t effect you as much as it could Prof. That said, you two could start your own side site if you wanted to (just a thought).

    Vixen: I have to say you’ve been very open from the get go about your plans to be in the gaming industry and that you would at some point be leaving the group to pursue that full time. Just keep pursing your dreams and I hope to follow you and see how that works out :D.

    JesuOtaku/Hope: I’m going to try and not get too negative here myself but you kind of opened yourself up here to this. You managed to make a video that almost makes you look like a totally unpleasant person and this wasn’t your best day online. It wasn’t a total wipe out because part of what happened with the video is that you did it half asleep (which you mentioned) and that you did, toward the end, start to realize some of the things you did that made things turn out not as happy for you with D2 and not sound like you were just blaming everyone else. Still, you probably should have checked the other videos out before you posted because you were the only one who bashed things.

    As to what you said, Hope, lets get real – you left this group the day you joined TGWTG, though more so when you decided that TGWTG would get your videos first. Back when this happened I said something on IRC about how you’re going their was the end of you with the Brigade and it’s panned out that way. What I was trying to get across was that you had decided that was where you wanted to be and who you wanted to be with and it wasn’t with Prof, Ark and Vix. The three of them didn’t really seem to understand that at the time either and looking back neither did you. I have to say you come across as a very together, strong willed, lady, and I realized with this video that really you are the exact opposite of that. That’s my fault as a viewer and not yours, however. I think your on a personal journey that has lead you away from this group and that really that’s just how it is. Your personal problems, which I believe had to do with your immediate family for the most part, was something I never in the loop of knowing about other than it was a bad deal and it derailed you in many ways in your day to day life. It still sounded like you made the right decisions on how to handle the important parts of it but as you yourself realized during the video it also lead to you pulling away from the D2 crew. That said, you shouldn’t think this day came about because of you – as you said you’ve been detached from D2 for a long time so it coming to the end isn’t your fault. It’s really no one members fault – the group just ran it’s course.

    As to your main issue/bash – while I partially think adding the new reviewers a year ago wasn’t a good idea, I also think that you shouldn’t have expected the group to move on if you did that yourself. It was clear you’d moved on by that point even if you didn’t realize it. You couldn’t expect the site to not find other things to put up if you no longer sent over things to be posted in a timely manner (once again, you chose TGWTG – you know you might have been able to make this site as well known at they are but you chose a different path). I do think you should have cut the cord long before now and that Prof and Ark should have let you do it but I sympathies with the latter in that they knew you were integral to the sites original popularity and I think you had a lot on your plate with your personal problems that left how to deal with D2 a low priority. However, I do hope you learn a life lesson here – if you want someone to do something, you need to personally take the lead and be in charge. If you can’t do that, you need to accept it or move on. I also hope you keep working on being a more together person. It’s been painful to watch some of the things that have happened to you because it reminds me of mistakes I’ve made in my own life and you seem so much more talented than I ever was. I just keep hoping you can work it all out and not end up where I am today (which could be a lot worse but I keep thinking it also could have been so much better :-( ). I’ll keep following you over at TGWTG and Twitter and wish you well in the future. Last but not least, you very much need to keep on top of your health. You’re sick way too much and for too long of periods, IMO, and you need to look after yourself.

    Final thoughts: When I first joined the Brigade I thought the group had a lot of potential and I still think that. I’ve seen everyone in the group mature with the acceptation of Prof but hey, he started out as a line drawing so that kind of goes with the territory. >; -D . With Hope it was a personal journey, with Ark it was physical (he went from a teenager to an adult – just go back and watch his videos sometimes!), to Prof going to Europe and Vix fulfilling her dreams of grad school. I think my $10 investment was well worth it and you actually talked me into a paypal account when Zac from ANN or my own sister couldn’t do it! :D.

  • Cakie says:

    Yo. I know I don’t really talk much on here. S’mostly due to my ridiculous shyness. I really wanted to, I wanted to be more active on here. I love this site so much. I’d go on here everyday in hopes of new content, for the past two years. Whenever there was something, I’d be so happy, like a kid in a candy store.

    I remember I always thought how cool it’d be if I were even a member of the D2 Brigade. This is. . . was (?) my favorite site. If I was ever sad, sometimes I’d watch an old review on here, or listen to an old podcast. Sometimes I’d rewatch Ark’s Puzzle Agent let’s play, or JO’s Deliciously Evil Anime Villain’s list, or one of Prof’s old, seldom V-logs, or some of Vixen’s Film Fox videos. I love all of your guys’ content so much, and all of you guys seem so amazing. I always wished I could go to ACEN and see you guys, but I’ve never been to a con, I don’t have the money. No way I can go to ACEN when I’m a lil’ ol’ Virginia white girl.

    I’ll miss this site a lot, and I’ll definitely try my damnedest to keep up with the four of you. You inspired me to do many things: start anime reviewing (I’ll start one o’ these lazy days), read more manga, watch more anime, even draw. I actually drew Vixen and JO for an assignment in my Art class last year. Got a pretty goof grade on it.

    This is Cakie-tan, or Brianna as I’m formally called by. Thank you guys, you honestly made me feel a lot better emotionally on many occasions. ♥

  • TBD83 says:

    I have to take a bow, it has been an amzing ride and have been looking forward to evry new video posted here, that being said im still sad to see the site go but its esy to see where you are coming from whit this so thanks for these past tree years and my best whises to all of ya…
    cya around the internet will keep an eye out for your independent stuff :)

  • TractionEra says:

    I’m sad to see you guys go. I guess I knew this was coming with all of you being busy with one thing or another. I’ll follow each of your endeavors respectively.
    I’ve been watching y’all since I was pointed to the sight by one of JO’s old videos on YouTube that I found in my early days of watching anime almost 3 years ago now. I even watched these videos when I wasn’t watching much anime.
    I recently started reviewing myself offhandedly. Just random thoughts about different things I catch while watching stuff, and I think I’m going to use my unused Tumblr to scream my thoughts into the darkness. In a way this is a product of watching reviews from this site, TGWTG and Red Letter Media. Before I just thought “This is good” or “This is crap”, but now I’m more like “Well, the story is solid and the characters are fine, but the visuals are meh and the score is terrible and the voices are annoying.” And I’m rambling in a comment on the internet.
    I guess this is farewell, not to you all individually, but to the D2 Brigade as a whole. I’m such a softy. Before I get too sad and this gets to long, I’m submitting this thing.

  • JesuOtaku says:


    I don’t in any way want to bring down the mood of this thread/posting, so I’ll keep this brief…

    What evidence do you have that I neglected D2 after I joined TGWTG?

    That wasn’t the issue. I didn’t intend to imply it ever was an issue in the video, and I hope no one thinks it was, because it isn’t true. My falling-out with the group happened several months *after* TGWTG, for entirely separate reasons, and as I said, it was solely on a professional level, not a personal one. They’re great people, and I wasn’t trying to bash them. But there *were* problems, and they got worse over time.

    I was just trying to be honest about the situation instead of leaving it at “We’re closing our doors and we won’t really say why,” because that’s not who I am. If the site is gone, I think it’s only fair to be able to say why, even if it’s in extremely vague terms, and it’s been a rocky ride for a very long time at this point. I felt that needed to be acknowledged. =/ Or else closing down wouldn’t make sense.

    I’m sorry my farewell video wasn’t purely positive and emotional as the others were, but we are closing the site down for a reason. Remaining tight-lipped and smiley about problems for well over a year was difficult: some of it was just gonna come out in my last word on the matter. ^~^;

    EDIT: That being said, and trying to watch it impartially: I see exactly what you’re talking about. You have every right to see me as being a big grumpy asshole based on that video. I can totally understand. That’s sorta how it comes across. Dunno what else I can do about that, there were things that couldn’t/can’t be said about it, but I wasn’t able to put the sentimental face on this closure that you may have been expecting. And I guess I can’t communicate why in vague strokes like I did. =( If you want to think of me as an asshole, you have every right to. But it’s true, and I value the truth: D2 was a painful experience for me for the past year or so. The first year was wonderful and that will never change.

    • MeggieMay says:

      @JesuOtaku Hopefully, my editing this down to keep the mood up won’t make this unintelligible. You asked, “What evidence do you have that I neglected D2 after I joined TGWTG?” Lack of regular posting in the months after you joined TGWTG, comes to mind (the drop off seem to happened fairly quickly), as well as TGWTG exclusive/semi exclusive stuff. However, “neglected” is the wrong word here and one I wouldn’t have used. It’s too harsh a word, IMO. For me “neglected” would make it seem you did this in a thought out, knowing manner, and that sure isn’t what I think happened. The issue was more that you put the priority on TGWTG over D2 and that shift in priority took you out of being part of the group. You chose TGWTG over D2 but I don’t/didn’t think you did that because you were mad at D2 (though that seem to be where things wandered off into at points later on but the video was the first I’d heard of it) but that you wanted to be part of the TGWTG more and you set your course toward doing that. Keep in mind that one reason I had to start checking out TGWTG because I discovered I was missing a lot of the content you were putting out because it was just being posted over at that site, some of it exclusively though you weren’t doing exclusive D2 stuff at the same time. That why I felt you had moved on from here and that TGWTG was now your home.

      “I was just trying to be honest about the situation instead of leaving it at “We’re closing our doors and we won’t really say why,” because that’s not who I am. If the site is gone, I think it’s only fair to be able to say why, even if it’s in extremely vague terms, and it’s been a rocky ride for a very long time at this point. I felt that needed to be acknowledged. =/ Or else closing down wouldn’t make sense. …”

      Well I didn’t mean to make you feel bad about being honest or for not being just positive (I wouldn’t have expected you to do a Pollyana here – that really would have been strange!). The video just managed to come off as very negative because I really didn’t know about the depth of some of the unhappy feelings going on between the others and you. What I knew was you’d grew away from the group and other than your recent comment on ANNCast which came off as angry and cryptic about D2 (your tone of voice with that- most ANNCast listeners may not have picked up on that at all but I could tell something was very amiss but didn’t know what had lead to you being so angry at D2) I’d have just written off the end of the Brigade as a natural ending due to everyone going their separate ways due to college ending/grad school/moving/life goes on. You’ve been more successful at being tight lipped than you realized and maybe you should have dropped a few more hints in retrospect (as well as the others but I’m thinking everyone was trying to keep this between themselves which is why it was so quite) though it’s the internet and thus a mine field trying to do that sort of thing. I understand why you didn’t do that because it could have been blown way out of proportion.

      “EDIT: That being said, and trying to watch it impartially: I see exactly what you’re talking about. You have every right to see me as being a big grumpy asshole based on that video. I can totally understand. That’s sorta how it comes across….”

      I don’t think your a asshole, I just thought the video wasn’t a highlight of your career and like you I don’t seem to be able to always keep to the script when something bugs me (like keeping to the lighter mood of the thread :blush: ). I also value truth and I wouldn’t have asked you to not discuss your issues since it’s clear that they are a important to you from this reply and the original video. For me your video seemed out of the blue because I didn’t know the details (or that there were details to begin with) and I’m interpreting things by what I do know – which is by what I’ve seen on the main sight, in twitter, and any thing I might have picked up from podcasts members have been on (which would be DesuRattle and ANNCast for the most part). I think your main point on the video also applies here. That is the lack of communication. The rest of D2 and you seem to have been having problems but at the same time those issues weren’t communicated out to the general D2 viewer base. For me, I thought the changes over the last year were just natural and it didn’t even occur to me that you didn’t accept what was going on, or had moved on the point it didn’t matter anymore to you (let alone you didn’t agree and were angry :-( ). So the video just came off more negative and out of place than you may have intended it to and lead to my original response.

      Anyway, I’ll try and leave this on a lighter note. I do think the D2 Brigade was a success and I hope it launches everyone on to bigger and better things. An Hope I think you’ll do just fine in the future. I already thought you were doing pretty good. Just remember to have faith in your talents and don’t let anyone derail you from your goals, including yourself (because I’ve found the biggest derail-er in my life has really been myself and it seems to be a issue for a lot of other people as well).

  • HighPriestDre says:

    A sad day indeed. I have already bookmarked everyone’s other sites (except JO’s whose personal site does not exist yet) and will try to keep up with everyone.

    It was a nice place to visit, too bad about it no longer working out. I think I will miss Desu Rattle the most (and already have been, considering how long since the last one was posted).

  • droppingpenny says:

    Sad to see the site go. But I guess life goes on…

  • TehJrn says:

    I knew this was coming. I just didn’t expect it to come so soon.

    Wow, look at that. It’s back to the old site design. You know, it seems rather appropriate. So many great memories. It’s all so sad to see it go.

    I’ve been following the site since it’s inception. Things were so exciting and full of life then. This isn’t the first internet community that I’ve been a part of, but it’s the first community I’d really felt at home in. I found D2 the way many of you did, through TGWTG. I found JO’s “villains” list on Transmission Awesome and, threw JO, found out about D2 just days before it launched. From there I slowly acclimated myself with the members of the Brigade and the members of the forums.

    Of my the Bukkit. So many memories there too. You know, the Bukkit is still the first (and just about the only) place I can find reasonable and thoughtful conversation about anime on the internet. I love it because it isn’t filled with a bunch of immature assholes. Oh sure, they’re lunatics, but damn it they’re my lunatics. You know, I’m part of that small group that remember the original Desu Rattle that gave “The Bukkit” it’s name.

    I’ve made so many wonderful friends (some of them members of the brigade themselves). I guess if I’m gonna take one positive away from this it’s that I know the community itself isn’t going anywhere. We’ll all still be on twitter and the streams. And I know we’ll all still be getting together at cons (ABC’s still gonna be awesome!). So, I do know at least that I’m not loosing anyone here. But, it will be that much more bitter sweet from now on.

    I completely understand why you’re breaking up the Brigade and closing up shop. I want everyone in the brigade to know that I don’t begrudge you any for doing this. All good things much come to an end. It’s just unfortunate that this has to go so soon. But, I think we all noticed that the fire had died out. I doubt Prof’s the only one that felt that way. I’m upset that I wasn’t home sooner too find out about this. I’ve been so busy as of late that, for a long time now, I just didn’t have time for the site anymore. So, I guess I can just add this too the long list of things I missed because I had to play. So yeah, I completely understand and respect the Brigade’s decision to end the Desudes Brigade.

    You know, my favorite memory (aside from working with JO on the Digimon Openings) is still that first get together at ACen (WILD STALLIONS!!!!). God that was a trip. Finally putting faces too people I’d only ever talked too through the forums. Sharing a room with Noah. Actually walking up too Prof and Ark and shaking their hands (You mean to tell me Prof ISN’T 2D and missing his lower half?). It’s was a glorious, but all to brief, time. I guess that’s what this has been too. It’s all be glorious, but all too brief. I still have my old D2Brigade pin that Vix made and handed out at ACen that year. That right there is how I’m always gonna remember this. This here. Our place. I’m still gonna wear my D2 pin with pride.

    Well, here’s too you D2. It was a fun ride while it lasted. I’ll see you all on down the road.


  • Angel of the Wolf says:

    NO!!!! Damnit! I love you guys! Please don’t leave us! I really love all of you guys and I can’d believe you all are leaving. I will miss all of you! :(

  • lordio says:

    … Well.

    When I came to the site and saw this, I first thought someone had gotten National Marijuana Day and April Fools’ Day mixed up. I am saddened to see I was wrong.

    As some others before me have said, it seems as though this was not just inevitable, but imminent. Videos were once churned out once a day by one reviewer or another. Contrast now, with only one or two a week. And by no means take that as me blaming you guys for not sating me with an endless stream of content. You all have lives that are becoming understandably busy.

    I was never as active on the forums as I’d have liked, so I wasn’t privy to whatever falling-out led to Hitch, Kagami and Rabbit leaving. I never interacted with the big names, like TehJrn, NoahClue, and Sneebs, though I had heard their names, clearly.

    I popped into the IRC all of five times, mostly just to idle. I guess I’m just not a very social person.

    I came to the site through JO, as I imagine quite a number did. My curiosity was piqued when I found the ACEN 2010 livestream video on her Blip account. Who are these other people? What’s behind these jokes about Prof having legs? Who’s the guy in the white fedora? Who’s Vix? Et cetera.

    Look at me ramble. Long story short, I’m sad the group is gone, but I’ll be following the individuals, like most everyone else, from here on.

    Final note, regarding the (ex-)members who do not appear on this page, I know Kagami deleted her Blip account, but what of Hitch, Rabbit and Malakye? I know Mal was one of the founding members, even if he was transient at best. I’ll admit, Rabbit always kinda felt more like Vixen’s sidekick than a reviewer in her own right. Hitch was the only one who really stood on his own as a reviewer.

    Okay, before I go ahead and write another eighteen pages of gushing text, I’m going to stop myself and say merely this.

    See you, Space Cowboys.

  • Karto1989 says:

    I’ve been coming here for a few months & really enjoyed watching everyones videos, so much so that when my little group (which was partly inspired by you guys & this site) tried some new video ideas I immediately thought about putting them on here as I really liked the little community you have here.

    It is sad to see the site & group go but if you guys fully believe this is the right move to make, who are we to argue. I wish everyone the best of luck in their own paths & will be keeping an eye (my burning one) on your future work.

  • TheKlutzySheep says:

    I-I don’t know what to say. I really don’t. I’m still kind of in shock that it’s over.

    This site had been a big part of my life for a pretty long time now, mostly because the community was so strong and personable. I’ve made so many close friends on this site and even though my group of friends who I’ve met in this community don’t associate themselves with D2 anymore (and to be honest, I haven’t gone regularly on the site in ages), I still met them here and this site remains in a special place in my heart because of it. I met these amazing people because of this site, and I’m really upset to see it go.

    I will still continue to follow you guys on the Internet, since I have gotten to know you guys and it would be silly not to still be a fan just because the Brigade is disbanded. You guys are still awesome, and I hope the Internet will take you to interesting places. =)

  • Villette says:

    Even though I rarely/never post, I’ve been here since the very beginning. So for me, this is like the end of an internet era. These forums are about the only one that I post on ever. All of you guys helped inspire me to start actually buying my anime and streaming it legally instead of pirating it. It’s been fun while it lasted, but I really have seen how everyone’s fire for the site has gradually died. I really hope you all manage to continue on in your own endeavors!!

    @JO: Thank you for sharing a bit of the behind-the-scenes reasons for the site closure. I kinda assumed some of those things, and I think it’s good to have them out in the open at the end of things.

    @Vix: Good luck with grad school!!! And why did you have to have such sad background music!? It was gonna make me cry ;_;

  • waldo47 says:

    It seems I was blind sided by this. I never expected this to happen ever and i was totally fine with a zombie website V.V i guess things had to change and this all had to happen for you guys but since my very first day, i loved you guys. you were really my idols in a way. The first review i ever saw was vixen reviewing repo and i have since watched almost all of her and arkada’s reviews. i wish you guys could last forever but that just isnt going to happen. all the anime i ever watched has been recommended by you and

    The brigade has touched me in ways i never imagined like how it got me to TGWTG and into deathnote and trigun and all things i wouldnt know existed with out you. which doesn’t sound that big but it really opened my mind to all the scope of the internet and anime.

    In the 3 years i have been here i have really grown. not because of you but i grew with you and matured along side you. I will and have cried about this but my life will never be the same without the brigade. even if that does sound horribly clique, it’s the truth. I wish to send you all a fond farewell and i hope i see you somewhere great in the future.

    @Prof: you’ve been a great host all these years and i really considered you the leader of D2. your videos made me laugh and so did you on the podcasts. I think you said that you would still be reviewing but where are you putting the videos?

    @Ark: You were always one of my favorite reviewers and i’ll continue watching you on your other site so i’ll still be here even though i never actually spoke to you before :/

    @JO: Goodbye my fair Jesu-Otaku. i’ll be seeing you on TGWTG. btw i like it when you do WTFIWWY with nash.

    @Vixen: I will miss you most of all. even though you save that vixen is dead, i can not accept it. as i said previously , you’re the reason i’m on this site. i remember when i had a 104 degree fever and i watched you go to disney land while i was in a daze. i went there last month for the first time and warned my friends that if i saw you, i would run up and hug you. i hope you have much luck in the future and i’ll keep on following you at your new site. btw you looked and sounded like an angel in you goodbye video.

    so to my beautiful beautiful D2. goodnight! *kissed D2 goodbye*

  • w.r. satim says:

    I’m not good at this so i’ll just say thank you, it was a good run. You guys introduced me to some of the best anime i’ve seen since i was a kid watching the kyoto arch of ruroni kenshin, and I am greatful for that. All that can be said now is that, I hope to see you later, and wish you all the best

  • suma says:

    Wow, it hurts to know I cannot come here and find videos anymore. I will still look out for you guys. I only found you guys about a year or so ago (maybe two?). It’s a shame, but understandable. Good luck and see you around. Thank you for the goodbye, it’s very kind of you guys.

  • TheNerdette says:

    It’s a little disheartening to see this site go down, but at the same time, I think we all sort of knew it was going to happen soon. For me at least, I noticed around the time the new guys left, the drive for the site started to fizzle out and after the hack, it was really obvious.

    While that may sound callous, I am still kind of bummed hearing this. I am very grateful for my time here at d2, because of all of the people I have met. Almost all of my personal friends I have now are linked to this site one way or another. I have very fond memories of just bumming around the forums for hours and just sitting on Skype with people just laughing at the spambot’s porn posts as I frantically try to delete them all one-by-one.

    I may have jumped ship after the drama that went down a while back, I still hold mostly fond memories and it’s a little sad to see it go.

    All I can say is, I wish you guys the best of luck in your futures and for the community, that you have some of the nicest people on the internet. So, I guess this is goodbye. You’ve been a nice site d2.

  • JellyBeana says:

    I just want to thank you guys for renewing my love for anime and showing me new anime to watch. I loved anime growing up, but somewhat lost touch with it in high school because I was rejected by the people that only watched Japanese dubs and by the people who only watched moe.

    One day after a couple years ago, I was looking for Trigun episodes on Youtube and ran across JO’s anime reviews and thoroughly enjoyed every single one I watched. When I saw the plug for the orginal D2 website, I was elated at what I witnessed. I never personally talked to anyone on the sight whether it was one of the brigaders nor the members, but I still was glad to listen to your reviews and form my own opinions on the anime reviewed.

    Although cliche, I feel like this is more of a see you all later kinda of things. I don’t mean to play off the disbandment, but I know it could not last and most good things never do. You have other grander things to move on to, but I am still greatful that you guys took time out of your lives to provide information and entertainment to massive amounts of strangers on the internet. I can not wait to see what you guys do next on your other websites. Thank you all again and the best of luck.

  • aspetty says:

    To Hope Chapman, Alanna, CJ Irelan, and Tristan Gallant or simply JO, Vix, Prof, and Ark. I have loved your stuff and I will miss the D2 brigade. That being said I wish you all well. I will keep up with your stuff. JO, Sayonara Bye Bye and see ya on that guy with the glasses, Vix, good luck with you masters and don’t go into a blood lust, Prof, I gotta support the fellow Indiana resident and will keep up with you on your tumbler and blip page keep the rage to a minimum, and Ark stay frosty man and see ya on glass reflections. I’ve loved you guys stuff sense 2009. I wish I had found you all at the very beginning. Take care. Good luck. and see ya all later.

  • Bloodmuffin says:

    Miss seeing your hilarious reviews Vixen and ”May the odds be ever in your favors”. I hope to see the rest of the brigade where ever you are in your receptive sites. I one last Taco extravaganza please.

  • Okami says:

    I going to miss you guys!!!!!! I will continue to stalk you on the internet!(Can’t get away that easily)

  • Dangobokki says:

    i didn’t check for a few weeks and this happens? T^T i enjoyed the ride very much! hope you all the best :’)

  • earthstar says:

    While I am sad to see this site go and will miss it, I do understand what you guys are saying. There is no point of keeping up with a website like this if you no longer feel the drive or have the time to do it. I just want to say that you guys had a great site and I’ve enjoyed watching your videos. I wish you all the best in your future projects.

  • BrightestDream says:

    …I can’t say I didn’t see this coming but… Man, it makes me sad.

  • devilangel11795 says:

    i remeber following you all on youtube and bein really happy u guys made this site and ive been following this since the very begginging ima miss this site but best of luck to all of you i no ill be following u guys were ur going :)

  • Dorin says:

    It’s always a sad day, seeing something divide and go its separate ways, but as with the old Chinese idiom:

    “The house long united under Heaven must divide.

    The house long divided must unite.”

    You guys have had a good run, and all your projects have been entertaining to behold and watch the community develop and grow. I’ve had quite a few interesting conversations over the past year, and enjoyed watching a number of reviews from everyone.

    It’ll be sad to watch it go, but people who’ve connected through the IRC and boards, there’s plenty of time to continue on and network through Skype, email, and a bazillion and one other means of communication.

    If the D2 is signs of anything, it’s the freedom the internet can offer. Even time must force a parting, you can make plenty of good e-buddies to network with, and keep things going.

    The Brigade brought fans together, encouraged people to find new interests, and diversify, and people will continue to do that as time passes.

    While the site will pass on, I’m sure soon enough another might form. People who feel the passion to make their own reviews and videos, might well be the D2 of the future, maybe … or would that be the D3 …

    Prof: You’re always an interesting character to partake of, good luck with future vids and projects. And as always, “We history majors rule!” We who record and remember the flow of time, to laugh when people make the same mistakes all over!

    Ark: And you’ve been entertaining as well, good luck in your own projects and ideas.

    JO: Your vids directed me to this community a long time ago, when I found TGWTG, and I’ve chortled my way through a many of them. Good luck on the site, I’ll keep following as I can. And try not to beat Nash too badly ;P

    Vixen: Good luck in your per suite of grad school, darlin. I know it can be a brain burner, but good luck with it, and have fun. Hope to see your name as designer/producer on a title in the future!

    To community at large. It’s been a good run meeting you guys and watching things grow and unfold. I’ve never been a big player on forum, chat, or otherwise, but it’s been fun meeting you guys and watching with you. I’m always about, for those with interest for future conversation.

    To all it’s fun, and to all may the community go on strong, even as it parts its way. Good luck in your future challenges and may your accomplishments be great and with much joy.

    Life is too short to not be lived to its fullest with the friends you make in the moment, and to look to the future with a bright eye and strong hope!

  • Have been more a follower rather than a commenter, I have thought but they’re always said by the time I get to the comment box on your videos. lol

    That being said, I’ve been following you guys from the very beginning. (That doesn’t sound creepy, right? XD)

    I think you all did a wonderful job, I owe a lot of you guys for introducing me to new things and even some of my friends too. I think you all did a wonderful job, but time goes on so I understand your wanting to go your separate ways.

    Arkada, you’re a fun guy and have brought a lot of fun into your reviews, you also have fabulous expressions and should take up acting if I were you. ^^

    Vix, you’re an awesome Gal, always enjoyed your work. I didn’t follow you very much Prof but good luck. ^^

    About JO, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to choose to go a different direction, (Team TGWTG) everybody does that at some point, the first one to do it is always the first one noticed I guess. XD
    I think there’s nothing wrong with that!! =)

    It’s fine for you and everybody to try new things, just don’t forget the things you love, k? Keep bringing us cool stuff on the web once in a while, even if it’s in your own separate ways. ^^

  • lynnjynh9315 says:

    It seems everything anime-related has been disappointing me lately. Gundam has been canceled (and I’ve the feel I need to rush to collect all the series before the out-of-print status skyrockets prices) and now this… dejection.

    Though to be honest, I’m not all that surprised. JO has been missing-in-action with a new review being posted almost bi-yearly, Arkada is doing decent… but the feeling of everyone being over-worked had been quite evident. It’s sad to see everyone go.

  • lethreon says:

    Well like a couple others in comments I have been a very shy and generally non-vocal member of this community. I remember finding this site through a chain of youtubers, first it was a guy who did video game walkthroughs who led me to Lee from Still Gaming and he led me to JO’s Top 20 Most Deliciously Villains video. After that I watched every review JO put out till she made announcement about the D2 site. I’ve lurking in the shadows of this site ever since, and now that it’s all coming to end what exactly can I say that hasn’t been said already?

    Prof, mentally I’ve come to think of you as almost the Yahtzee of anime reviewers with your amusingly caustic style, your reviews always brought a smile to my face.

    Ark, you strange, goofy, Canadian. During my time on this site you quickly became one of my favorite reviewers somehow managing to stay both humorous and serious at the same the time. You introduced me to Mushi-Shi, an anime I never would have known of if not for you.

    JO, you are reason I came to D2 in the first place, you led me and many others here and for that I am very grateful. Even after your presence here started to fade I was still glad to see post. You convinced me to watch Trigun and are the reason I have Love/Hate relationship with Berserk ;).

    Vix/Alanna, you say that Vixen is now dead, well sorry but to me you will always be Vix :). Out of all of the brigade I think your style changed the most, over time I saw you become confidant and more comfortable in your reviews and it has been a joy to watch. I think that I probably owe you the most since you introduced me to Sgt. Frog (even i can’t get it’s theme song out of my head some days).

    To all of you, thank you for all the laughter, amusement and chuckles you have created, the internet shall be a darker place you. I shall keep an eye on your future endeavors and wish you all the best.

    May fortune favor your hand.
    May the wind be forever at your back.

  • nagato316 says:

    Sorry for the belated comment. Was a very crazy few days for me IRL–but i’m sure nowhere near as crazy and tumultuous as Desudes Brigade officially ending during those past few days.

    I’ll miss D2B HQ and all the fun times, and while I’ll miss what a scrappy team of geeks the Brigade as a whole was, I take solace in looking forward to what future endeavors we might see…though D2B is disbanded its members aren’t departing the interwebs.

    Is this the end? Perhaps…but i recall there was a pop song from the 90s that reminded us that “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

    Thus i conclude here by saying not Sayonara Bye Bye to quote one of the Founding Five, but merely Mata ne til next time. Whenever & however that will come.

    And Brigaders…Ganbatte yo.

  • waldo47 says:

    I have decided that, over the summer, i will watch every single desudes brigade video. every single review, let’s play, vlog, and announcement i will watch. And when they have all been watched and it comes to when the site will truly be wiped from the internet, i, Margo Cuddle Cupcake the 7th, will sit with my narwhal peanut butter shirt and my otaku tears and watch these good byes again and i will weep for there will be no more comments to post, no more gags to laugh at, no more otaku rage, and no more vixen.

    i meant to share this when you had that “why i love the D2 brigade” contest. i guess it doesnt really matter anymore but here it is:

    Why i love the D2brigade

    Why do i like D2, you ask?
    Why it’s cuz of malakye and his mask
    I like Hitch and his top ten
    and prof’s love of genshiken.
    above all, JO is all that
    and tsubake is happy cuz vix is fat.

    it’s not finished but as eddie izzard said ” wherever he lands, there shall he be buried”

    This is Margo Cuddle Cupcake the 7th signing off. Sayonara Bye Bye, Stay Frost, and Bye~Bee!

  • LePadeaux says:

    I may not be particularly active in the community, but I’ve been watching D2 videos for nearly two years now and it’s been great. I mostly lurk and such and keep to myself, but I still felt like part of D2. I’m gonna miss this place, but I’ll try to keep following everyone. Best of luck to you all!

  • HoboGirl says:

    I’m disappointed that you guys disbanded. honestly I was going to audition for the desudes brigade but I understand things weren’t working out but a new generation for the brigade would have been awesome. Or could it be you disbanded because your not confident to do it on your own? or maybe you were all afraid that the people you would recruit would more talented than you. Would end up getting picked by a big site like JesuOtaku and leave you guys. I figure since your disbanding and now TGWTG is getting desperate because there views are down so there putting more ads in videos there on the down slope as well there going to shut down too. Considering there used to be a lot more videos and now it seems like all they do is go to cons not for promoting reasons but because they are well known internet reviewers. honestly when I found out you guys had no leader shows how really unorganized you are. also JO if your sick don’t make a video so you really showed your true colors.
    That’s my theory why you disbanded all of a sudden because your afraid of the new reviewers will end up like JO.

  • XIIIth Otaku says:

    As a two year lurker on the site I really just regret no taking a more active role. However after listening to all your memories and plans I still feel like a part of the community. It also made me feel somewhat closer to you all that the original beginning of the site shared my birthday, with all the people to be part of this experience I know I can’t be the only person who is in this position however it strikes me as something I can hold on to to remember the site by. It is an absolute shame that you guys have disbanded however I wish all of you the best of luck with your careers and personal lives. That also goes for all of the members of the community, forums and lurkers like myself.

  • Sungetsu15 says:

    I am not really the guy to keep up with everything … but yeah. I apologize that I didn’t do that much and that the site has disbanded a week from now. I had fun being on this site for the past two or whatever years, watching at least one or two of your reviews. I kinda blame school for that, but I had fun here. I still prefer to remain anonymous however you already understand how much I am a fan of your work. Thank you so much for the ride. Seriously.

    Signing off.

  • Walter White says:

    Well, I guess this is the end of the line for the D2brigade and that’s really sad. Although I haven’t been a consistent visitor to the site (as one could probably tell from this kinda late post) after the hacking incident, I remember the first few months after I discovered the site, sometime back in high school. Every day or so there would be something new and interesting to watch, whether it be a review, Desu Rattle or Pocky Spot (those would always be amazing). And even if there wasn’t much of much to watch that day, there was an enormous backlog of videos to watch, so I there would always be something to do. I even made an account to post on the forums, which is really rare for me because I tend to be one of those people who lurk and just watch videos, which is what I do on TGTWG. But now, D2 is over, and I feel more than a little sad.

    Watching all the different disband videos, I think I see two main causes that led to the D2 disbanding. One is the troubles with JO, and the other problem was with the hacking. As for what exactly happened with JO, that seems like a really troubled and private set of troubles that shouldn’t be broadcast to the world, as well as a separate issue from JO joining TGTWG. The JO problem seemed most prominent in JO’s and Vix’s vids, and it came up a bit in Prof’s. In Prof’s and Ark’s vid’s, however, there did seem to be a little more focus on the hacking incident, and I personally think that that incident did a lot to suck the momentum out of the sight. JO said that the new people were brought on, without her knowledge, and if I remember right, they were announced almost right before the hacking incident. So, without knowing about the backstory, I personally thought that the Brigade was doing alright. Malakye, who did not do a video and I don’t know what the story between him and the Brigade is, wasn’t posting much, so the new people could pick up the slack. Also, there were the Tsubake adventures, which I remembered fondly and got a lot of comments. But then, the hacking incident hit, and I definitely think there was a change in tempo. Reviews were not as common, and certain things, like the Pocky Spots, kinda withered away. I certainly did not go on the site as often as possible, which I feel terrible about now.

    I hope that my fond memories of this site, which my rambling post may or may not reveal well, help justify the immense amount of effort that was put into making the site what it is, so I think that it is only fair to leave the Brigadeers with an individual parting message:

    Professor Otaku: I remember doing a live chat with VIxen, and I asked her something along the lines that if the D2brigade was a Mafia family, who would be the Godfather. Her reply, almost instantaneously, was Prof. You seemed to be the leader of the Brigade, and your ‘shitty ink drawings’ were always great for a laugh, even though I usually had never heard of the anime that you review. I hope that you do well, and that your tumblr receives all the attention that it deserves.

    Arkada: NARWHALS! Yeah, I dunno why I did that, it just seemed to be appropriate. I have not checked out your site much yet, because content from you was always available on D2, so I think I’ll have to do that more often. Glass Reflections was one of my favorite shows on the site, and your countdowns, from Voice Actors to Music in Anime, were always great, and introduced me to things I probably would’ve never discovered on my own. Thank you for all the work, and I hope that glass becomes as popular as D2 once was.

    JesuOtaku: Looking through the comments, I think quite a few people were introduced to the site in the same way I was. I remember watching a review by Gigguk on youtube of something, and a comment that he made during it made me look up your Deliciously Evil Anime Villains vid, and I found my way here. I also have you to thank for me buying Now and Then, Here and There (great series but so very depressing) because of your review. Although it seemed like there were difficulties with the other members of the D2brigade, I hope that you still are on friendly terms with them, and I look forward to more of your reviews on TGWTG

    Vixen: Ahhh, Vixen, your crossover reviews with Stevenlajr for the Twilight movies are some of the funniest videos I have ever seen, and if there is one thing I absolutely wish you could do is give both parts of New Moon the beatdown that they deserve. If that isn’t possible, that’s entirely up to you, I’m just suggesting. Apart from that, your reviews were always fun to watch, even when the quality of the actual video was less than good. It’s great hearing that you got into Grad school, so I hope that you succeed in breaking into the video game industry, and that you survive grad school because it sounds like they’ll be putting you through the wringer. I hope that one day I’ll be looking at the preview for some game, and I’ll see your name in the print.

    Well, I guess this Walter White, staying frosty and signing off.

  • LoneWolfPrincess says:

    Dear Desudes Brigade,

    This is only the second (maybe third) time I’ve commented on the site itself, but I just want to let you know how much this website has meant to me.
    Two years ago, in the fall and early winter of 2009, I- a lifelong anime fan ever since falling in love with Sailor Moon- was in my very first semester of college and had gone half a country away from my home in Oregon to study at Colorado State. I had bitten off WAY more than I can chew by taking 15 credits AND being part of the Honors College, my roomate and I got along about as well as water and canola oil, the only people I somewhat knew were some relatives of my kindergarten teacher (an old friend of the family) who lived an hour south in Boulder, and my family and my very best friend and (at that point, only) fellow anime lover Britany were so far away it hurt.
    But I made a few friends in my Honors Studies class, including one whom also loved creative writing and anime as much as I did. Her name was Maggie, and she was the one who introduced me to the Desudes Brigade one night towards the end of the semester while we were hanging out in her dorm room. I loved it! The reviews were awesome, ridiculously funny, but most importantly they were done by ordinary people who were my age and who really, sincerely loved anime. And the VASTNESS of the fanbase made it really sink in that- instead of it being a “me” thing or a “me and Britany” or a “me, Britany, and the couple hundred Kingdom Hearts and Naruto fans in Portland” thing- there are HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people across the world who like anime. For the first time, I felt like I wasn’t completely alone in my otakudom. (Oh, yes, you also introduced me to a term which I now freely use to describe myself.)
    Even I moved back to Oregon and transferred to OSU the next term, Maggie and I friended each other on Facebook and traded Skype info, and for quite a long time one of our catch-up questions would be “Oh, did you see Prof’s/Ark’s/Vixen’s/JO’s new review?” and we’d share favorite quips or debate about different points that were brought up. We still Skype each other once a week, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.
    What I want to say is thank you all so much for everything you’ve done over the past two and a half years. Thank you for not only opening my eyes to I’m not the only otaku swimming in an ocean of normal people, but for helping me make and keep a new friend. I pray that all of you find happiness on the roads ahead of you, and I sincerely hope that the friendships this site has forged among you and among the viewers will last long after the physical (digital?) site has disappeared.

    Katie, the LoneWolfPrincess

  • SJCrew says:

    In honor of the brigade, I will play Long Goodbye by Mikuni Shimokawa.

    To me, the rift was very large and veeeeery visible this past year. A lot of people, like myself, came here through JesuOtaku and stayed to watch the others. But when JO stopped updating, I lost heart. I know D2 wasn’t all about JO, but she was my favorite reviewer here by far and most of the time I spent here was checking and biding time for her new updates, and pandering to my hopeless addiction to countdowns.

    I’m not going to lie and say I felt a personal connection with you all or that D2 disbanding is a tragic moment for me. I just think it’s a shame that I had to pop in so close to the end of its lifespan and watch it all go down. I guess I’m just going to have to run into you guys on your repsective sites and get used to the idea that you’re not a unit anymore.

    Even if I couldn’t get into all of the reviewers or content here, I’d just like to say good luck to you all and God bless.

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